Why Us

Goal orientation

Our company vision is:
To empower people, companies and organisations results in a healthy and wealthy society.

We aim to move towards our vision with the following mission statement:
To develop personal and organisational leadership and management structures, which facilitate the realisation of effective and efficient goal oriented systems, processes and products.

Our goal is therefore to achieve our mission as follows:
To provide services and products which will develop people, companies and organisations, in order to create an economic, political and social system, which is efficient, effective and delivers a healthy society.


Our methodology is based on the participatory model. Key to this methodology is the interactive relationship of the knowledge bases of our client, ourselves and where necessary of our associates (external resources). This method results in an efficient use of resources and results, tailored to the needs of our clients.

Williams & Calmer has a broad network of associates nationwide, indigenous consultants in South Africa who utilise and unlock indigenous knowledge, collective skills and expertise to address challenges locally, regionally and continentally. Our associates operate in most of the areas of the services we offer. We therefore never have to disappoint our clients because of lack of expertise or capacity.

The techniques we use are placed in the contexts of the dynamic, South African, African and global reality.

BEE credentials

Williams & Calmer is registered as a Close Corporation. Its two members, Ms. Jacqueline Williams and Mr. Rob Calmer, operate as directors of the company. The directors own 70% and 30% of the company respectively.

The company employs four staff members, being two administrative and two support staff. One of the two directors is female, three of the four staff members are female. One of the two directors (the majority member) and all staff members are historically disadvantaged individuals (HDI).

Williams & Calmer is a Micro Enterprise in terms of the BBBEE Act, rated as a Level 2 BEE Contributor with a BEE Recognition Level of 125%.

Williams & Calmer is part of an extensive network of indigenous consultants in South Africa whose common vision is to utilise and unlock indigenous knowledge, collective skills and expertise to address challenges locally, regionally and continentally.


We act according to what we preach.

We empower our clients to be goal oriented and efficient so that they can be effective. Williams & Calmer ensure our clients reach the results they aim for and deliver what our clients expect, possibly more.

The successful experiences we had both overseas and in South Africa underline the effectiveness of our client through the effectiveness of our interventions.

Customer Service three star award

Williams & Calmer received the Customer Service 3 Star award from the Services SETA in April 2004. This award indicates that:

  • We are focused on our clients and customers
  • Our staff are competent to be client-centric
  • Our clients recognise and appreciate the client-centric strategy of our company and that this strategy is successful
  • We are driven by our clients' changing needs and perceptions of our service excellence

Our clients can, therefore, expect that Williams & Calmer will offer customer service that is unsurpassed.

Accreditation with Services SETA

Williams & Calmer are registered assessors with the Services SETA for a number of training programmes that we offer.

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