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Personal focus

Drs. Jacqueline Williams (MA, MDiv.) is a black South African with a broad spectrum of experience and expertise. She is a trained political scientist and theologian. Her point of focus is and has always been the empowerment of people, especially of historically marginalised groups in society, with regard to race, gender and class.

Jacque has been in leadership positions in organisations since her youth, both in line management and project management. She is experienced in identifying leadership potential in people and also to further develop leadership and leadership skills.

She is an experienced trainer in the areas of women in development, leadership development, management skills and diversity management.

Jacque has a broad-based international experience. She lived, studied and worked in the United States of America for five years and in Europe for a period of eight years. Her work includes leadership exchange programs between Africans and African Americans and between Africans in Africa and Europe. She is engaged in a PhD process.

Her particular expertise is to facilitate processes of change and to train people in change management, making use i.e. of the Transcultural Leadership concept. This concept utilises the various cultural backgrounds of people in organisations to optimise their performance and development, and that of the organisation they work in.

Personal focus

Rob Calmer (LL.M.) is a Dutch lawyer of Asian descent. In the nearly two decades since he left law school he has been involved in the provision of legal aid, teaching, management and consultancy.

He has worked as a legal practitioner and as a trial lawyer for the Dutch government, a Dutch employers’ organisation in the educational field and for a legal aid insurance company. He has taught labour law, social security law and educational law at several educational institutions, including the Free University in the city of Amsterdam. He has managed several teams of lawyers at a Dutch legal aid insurance company and managed several projects concerning legal aid provision.

As a management consultant in South Africa Rob specialises in legal aid provision, organisational development, communication and knowledge management, and human resources management. With a background with clients in the field of education and legal aid provision Rob successfully applies his expertise in other areas of (non) government and corporate services.

The management evaluation Rob participated in (The Netherlands, 1999) describes him as analytical and thorough, with high standards on efficiency and reliability.

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